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Proceedings Division

  • Secretariat : Handles legislative activities such as operation of the council under the control and supervision of the chairperson
  • Secretary General : Handles the administrative affairs of the council and governs and supervises employees under the control of the chairperson
  • Organization : 1 bureau, 3 offices, 8 teams, 6 special committee member’s offices

Segregation of Duties

  • 1. Council operation planning and coordination
  • 2. General coordination concerning convocation and operation of ordinary and extraordinary meetings
  • 3. Assistance to plenary meeting procedures
  • 4. Assistance to various committee procedures
  • 5. Management of the plenary chamber (including seat apportionment)
  • 6. Handling of various agendas (e.g., acceptance, classification, printing, distribution, transfer, etc.)
  • 7. Handling of administrative affairs audit & investigation-related duties
  • 8. Petition/appeal acceptance, classification and handling
  • 9. Handling of provincial affairs, written and other related questions
  • 10. Preservation of council documents
  • 11. Collection, investigation and storage of data needed for council operation
  • 12. Appointment of committee members
  • 13. Matters concerning the operation of council member workshop and others
  • 14. Recommendation of council members to other organizations/groups (including committees)
  • 15. Appointment of advisory committee members
  • 16. Sorting and storage of various meeting records
  • 17. Publications and reading of various meeting records
  • 18. Operation and management and stenographers and recording equipment
  • 19. Handling of council members’ application for leave and attendance
  • 20. Appointment and operation of settlement inspection committee members
  • 21. Matters concerning hearing and attendance to council meetings

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