글로벌 링크



Council Organization

  • Chairman
    • Vice-Chairman
    • Vice-Chairman
      • Standing Committee
        • Council Steering Committee
        • Welfare Policy Committee
        • Administration and Cultural Affairs Committee
        • Industry and Economy Committee
        • Construction, Environment and Fire fighting Committee
        • Education Committee
      • Special Committee
        • Special Committee on Budget and Accounts
        • Special Committee on Ethics
        • Special Committee for Support on Chungbuk Line High-speed Railway Project and Revitalization of KTX Osong Station Area
        • Special Committee for Support on Revitalization of Cheongju International Airport
        • Special Committee on Particulate Matter (PM) Control
      • Secretary General
        • General Affairs
          • General Affairs Team
          • Promotion Team
          • Media Team
        • Assembly Proceedings
          • Proceedings Team
          • Recording Team
        • Legislation Policy
          • Deputy Director of Legislation
          • Deputy Director of policy 1 Team
          • Deputy Director of policy 2 Team
        • Professional Members
          • Professional Assembly Operation Member
          • Professional Welfare Policy Member
          • Professional Administration and Cultural Affair Member
          • Professional Industry and Economy Member
          • Professional Constuction, Environment and Firefighting Member
          • Professional Education Member

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