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Convening and Session

Convening and Session of the Assembly

  • Local Assemblies can hold regular and temporary meetings.
  • A session is a certain period of time for the Assembly to be active.
  • Total yearly number of days shall be decided based on the local ordinances.

Regular Meetings

  • Convening : The first regular meetings will be held in June and July every year (August and September if there is a general election during the year) and the second regular meetings will take place in November and December every year. It shall be convened on the following day if the first convening day is a public holiday.
  • Convening date : The first and the second regular meetings shall take place on June 8 and November 8, respectively.
  • During the first regular meeting term,
    • the settlement plans of the previous year shall be reviewed and approved.
    • Various agendas such as the local ordinance plans and questions to the government will be reviewed and processed.
  • During the second regular meeting term,
    • administrative affairs will be audited and the budget plan of the following year will be reviewed and confirmed.
    • Also, other agendas such as plans for legislation of the local ordinances and questions to the government will be reviewed and processed.

※ Audit of administrative affairs shall take place selectively during the first or the second regular meeting terms according to the relevant local ordinances.

Extraordinary Session

  • Convocation : Upon request by the governor or by 1/3 or more of registered members
  • Session : Decided by Annual Plan for Session Management
  • Main Contents : Members of a local council carry out activities in a particular period of time that has been set beforehand, and the sessions held irregularly when necessary are called extraordinary sessions.

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