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Authority of the Council


  • Chungcheongbuk-do Provincial Council has the position and is authorized to establish, revise and rescind local ordinances which are the laws of the local government as a legislator.
    • Proposal : Provincial Council members (consent of 1/5 or more of the enrolled members), Provincial Governor, Superintendent of Education and Committees
    • Resolution : Attendance of a majority of the enrolled members and consent of a majority of the attending members

Financial Authorities

  • Chungcheongbuk-do Provincial Council reviews and confirms budget plans of the provincial office and Education Office. It reviews account settlements. It may establish or revise the local ordinances pertaining to imposition of local taxes that will have to be paid by the provincial residents. It has authorities pertaining to financial affairs such as liabilities of the Province.
    • Review of budget plans and settlements : Review and decision as to budget plans of the Province and Education Office and approval of account settlements
    • Financial legislation : Establishment of the local ordinances pertaining to imposition of local taxes, dues, fees and fines
    • Others : Approval of spending of reserve funds, consent to issuance of local government bonds, consent to acquisition-installation and management-disposal of major assets and legislation of the local ordinances pertaining to establishment of local corporations and industrial complexes

Authorities Pertaining to Provincial Administration

  • The Council, as a representative agency of the provincial residents, monitors and controls the status of administration of the Provincial Government and Education Office. It presents opinions to public administrative bodies, central governments and private institutions for the public good.
    • Administrative affairs audit : November every year (within 14 days)
    • Request to come to the Council, rights to question and approval of urgent actions

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